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>>> New physics - NO !!! old + Vo info only !!!

Sorry that my blog  looks like big mix 
-I'm doing this in additional time. 
I wait for cooperation offer and pro. test ( any Universities ) 
below only looks like simple drawings !? ( more simple = more good ) 
 How to recognize constant speed Vo  ? 
My train is moving or station ?

below I copy and pasate  it is not my own words ( many books have similar Idea)  : 

"  Imagine an observer traveling inside a windowless spaceship moving away from the sun at constant velocity. Galileo asserted that there are no mechanical experiments that can be made inside the rocket that will tell the occupants that the rocket is moving . The question ``are we moving'' has no meaning unless we specify a reference frame (are we moving with respect to that star'' is meaningful). This fact, formulated in the 1600's remains very true today and is one of the cornerstones of Einstein's theories of relativity. "


Marosz : 

1 the principle of conservation of energy
2 the principle of
conservation of momentum 

We must write equations respect to point A ( respect to Earth = mistake ) 
what is point A ? why ?

( I invented during shower)

Galileo's &  Newton's widowless rocket 
Vo = constant  ,  How to measure without windows ?

Water's beam and  alfa angle = two mass m alpha angle  

Very Short !!! about Inertia and mass M - Zero Friction Table
Can we say that mass rise up ( Einstein ) or inertia rise up  ( Marosz ) ???

YTube ( first home test )  >>>http://youtu.be/XF_npmQ8kGY

MY HOME TEST - FIRST 4 pictures East compare to 4 pictures West 
( New compass type, New Gps, ( zero magnetic prolem), new velocity measure system ) below details !!!

( brightness of picture = Luminous intensity - Do You remember Alpha angle for light and water   )

( special time for Poland - ideal parallel direction camera to earth around sun velocity )- camera has got  19 000 points that measure light
( below graph -photoshop 10 histogram )

 ( right now I don't know what I realy measured ( the universe = huge space my camera not measure only localy )  - I need  start cooperate with profesional astronomers 

How I started  think about absolute point A?
Distance Earth - Sun = 150 000 000 Km

Light signal that right now touch  Earth was sent 7 minutes ago ?

7 minutes ?....later ....
light was sent ----->        LIGHT IS GOING 150 mln KM    ----> light hit Earth
                                  ( Earth and SUN Vo ----->or <---- ???)

light is going to Earth what Earth is doing 
during this time ??? ( what About Summer / Winter ) ???

 Why  photocamera can make dark / bright picture  ?
Why distance is very important  ? 
the same light ( energy)  but not the same area of work !!!
distance X=d luminous intensity =  X  ( for exapmle  area = 1 mm2)
distance X=2d luminous intensity =  1/4X ( area = 4 mm2)

( point where light  WAS SENT  or radio WAS SENT  is not moving  = constant virtual point in the universe  

SIGNAL ""WAS SENT "   7 minutes ago !!!! Signal  Touched  Earth closer or more far  ( winter ,summer ) luminous intensity ?  beam's angle ?!!!

66.66  Eart's agnle is not  only one reason ?

****  I need made many prof.  test right now ?????????

Why We Not feel Doppler Efect for Gravitation !!!

two  independent sources  of signal Earth and Sun ( for Light we have only one source Sun )  

>>> http://youtu.be/I_qNrcCV-YM

author only use doppler  to explain idea but it is not typical doppler  ( red or blue shift ) it is Intensity shift

What I realy measure in my home ??? I'm not 100% sure ???
>>>  http://youtu.be/6XIdCfaC6zw

 again about SUN and Earth

 Black Holes ?????
velocity Vo and constant astronomy  observation  can help ?????
gravitation wave velocity is close to C
gravitation is not faster than light  ! 
but gravitation very fast is sending information 
You have two bodies not one bodies and distance R  is square function  R^2 
for light  signal distance is line function  and only one body is sending signal
for Einstein  You have fact 1 and light inform You about fact one 

For Mach and Marosz all body in the universe cooperate ( gravitation )
you are moving mass m in your hand in Your room - You feel resistance 
it mean that all bodies around mass m in the universe ( not only in your room ) not like help You 
very important is inertia and Vo information ( Einstein told that mass rise) Mach and Marosz - inertia rise up mass not 

mass m static not equal gravitqtion mass m in the universe
what is inertia ? why  kinethic energy is Important and direction is important  ? 
Please alwas remember lighting rot example  (  Energy always go there where is more easy to go )

how I want to explain black holes ?

it is small body m we are huge body M 

we accelerate opposite to black hole 
gravitation cooperate F1 = -F1  

distance R is going down ( mass m - black hole is going closer  to Us ) but forces rising 
( einstein mass rise ) Marosz but force also rise  

 mass m has got zero friction  in the universe  

and constant force so accelerate  ....

please imagine car that is more faster than light 
( driver will not see light ??? ) We see only black hole 
( front of car is for Us black hole)

>>> http://youtu.be/c7C3VH8-T5I

what is temperature of black hole ? how big density ?

is direction  Important ?

temperature speed effect  ( average athom- elecron distance )) 

( closer to  zero  = low temp) 
 (biger than zero = high temperature )

Below only ideaa explain  Sun and Earth = Circle

 see short explain before back to 

main presentation http://youtu.be/mEpZzHNLlJc

Absolute Kinetik Energy ( respect to stationary point  A )

how to measure Vo velocity ?  - other independent method   ( dynamica ) 
classical mechanic doppler 

- energy always go more easy to please where feel lower resistant. 


                   >>>http://tesla16.blogspot.com/ ( absolute clock )

( perpendicular laser test also omega zero  is important  this is reason why I'm not sure what measure my camera  in parallel to Earth around Sun  velocity direction  )

contact author : http://tesla4.blogspot.com ( my patents / Ideas )

**********      You not like relative please skip stars paragraph    *************

please see drawing read question below and see next YouTube 
  • How Old Are You My brother ? = How many degree ( average temperature ) has got Your Body - ( distance electron - athom's center  in classical mechanic = average temperature )
  •  What about temperature inside rocket ? Lorenz's  reduce  efect short electron - athom 
  •  Is Angle Alfa ( angle between Earth's velocity and rocket velocity is Important for atomic clock and  "biology time" and average athom temperature ? 
  • I have full glass of water when my rocket will slown down water capacity will be to big ?
  • Big Bang or big slown down ( huge density huge speed ) low speed low density ?
  • What about energy bilans - Lorenz's reduce = that rocket will use more fuel  the same fuel has got more power ( density rise up ) - also fuel need make additional job Lorenz's work for all bodies inside rocket ?
  • Can we compare relativie average temperature efect for atom  to "huge"  model ( Earht -Sun ) (Sun - Earth)  ( summer /winter ) position seson ( exist velocity ??? ) 
  •   exist ? One  Special Direction  Vo velocity for Lorenz's reduction and perpendicular to this direction  
  • Rocket engine ? feel that mass density is different ( how many energy - fuel consumption = Lorenz'z reduction.                ***********************************